The Board Secretariat headed by Board Secretary VI Lilian Ruth C. Cabanban held a dialogue, meeting with Unifrutti Philippines Inc. Corporate Relations Officer Ms. Joyal C. Maquinto to discuss the effect of expiration of the Wage Exemptions form Wage Order No. ARMM-16 granted to INDC, MKAVI-II LFI, ARDEXCOR LARBECO and updates on the concerned establishments recourse to seek extension on Wage exemption considering that the Board decided to issue a new Wage Order this year. The Secretariat is also conducting a research on the current Regional Economic Profile for the Board’s Study and Evaluation.

ARMM Wage Board Secretary Promotes Productivity Technologies to assist a Newly Established Banana Plantation

          Ms. Lilian Ruth. Cabanban, Board Secretary VI of RTWPB-ARMM presented before the Management and Employees of AMARDI together with the officers and workers of its Service Provider DASASCO, series of Productivity Training Programs which the newly established company may avail for free that will surely improve the quality as well as productivity of the managerial, supervisory as well as rank and file employees in their workplaces during the Orientation on DOLE Policies and Labor Advosories conducted on February 15-16, 2017 at Carlito’s Chicken House, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat. These Productivity Technology Training Programs include ISTIV-Productivity Awareness Program, ISTIV Bayanihan, 5S Good Housekeeping and Green My Enterprise. Board Secretary Cabanban encouraged the management of both companies represented by Mr. Abdulwahid Smaoang, President and Mr. Jeric Hosne B. Kulit, HR Management for AMARDI and Bai Salha Biruar, President and Pendatun Magelcna Vice President of DASASCO to avail of said training programs as the same will truly assist in transforming their respective workers in possessing the traits and characteristics of quality and proactive ISTIV Managers and Workers.

ARMM Board Secretariat dialogue-meeting with the Staff of RTWPB-XII to discuss the findings or result of the time and motion

Last January 5, 2017, the ARMM Board Secretariat headed by BS VI Lilian Ruth C. Cabanban held dialogue-meeting with the Staff of RTWPB-XII headed by BS Jesse dela Cruz to discuss the findings or results of the Time and Motion Study conducted jointly by RTWPB-ARMM and RTWPB-XII on the Bagging Operations specially the job activities on Folding and Inserting of Lining of Sacks to determine the Standard Piece-Rates to be implemented by the Applicant-Lamsan Inc. as compensation for the concerned Piece-Rate Daily-Paid workers who will eventually become Piece-Rate Workers. The conversion of the method of payment of the salaries of said workers is actually beneficial to them considering that their compensation will be based on the output for the day to which, the more production or output a worker produces, the bigger take home pay he will receive. Besides, the worker is guaranteed of the existing Minimum Wage as provide by the Wage Order issued by the Wage Board. On January 11, 2017, the Wage Boards of ARMM and XII visited the said companies present the result of the Study for their information and comment. With its approval, A Standard Piece Rate Order as provided under Time and Motion Study No.001 for said job activities was issued to the applicant-Lamsan, Inc.

A meeting was held between the ARMM Wage Board and Companies namely ARDEXCOR, AGUMIL PHILS. Inc. and AMARDI to present to the representatives of named companies the series of Productivity Technologies or Training Programs which they may be able to avail that will promote and encourage their respective workers to be more productive.

ARMM Wage Board conducts Seminar
Workshop on ISTIV Productivity Awareness
Program (PAP)

          On May 22, 2016, the ARMM Wage Board Secretariat headed by Board Secretary VI Lilian Ruth C. Cabanban conducted a Seminar Workshop on ISTIV Productivity Awareness Program (PAP) at Hotel Guillermo, Pagadian City which was participated by the officers, members and employees of Matling Cooperative. The said ISTIV-PAP is a training on the right attitude that a worker has to possess in order to improve the quality of his work as well as that of a group’s productivity which is generally attributed to the five
(5) Traits of what a productive worker is which is ISTIV. I stands for Industrious; S for Systematic; T for Time–Conscious; I for Innovative; and V for Strong Value for Work. At the end of the said workshop, the twenty five (25) participants from the Cooperative are expected to constantly, regularly and habitually perform their tasks and exhibit ISTIV Values towards the improvement of productivity and quality in their workplaces.

          A similar Productivity Training Program was also held at Matling Industrial and Commercial Corporation, (MICC), a Manufacturer of Cassava Starch and Producer of Copra located in Brgy. Matling, Malabang Lanao del Sur where around thirty (30) participants composed of managerial supervisory and rank file employees of MICC were recipients of ISTIV-PAP.
Lecturers NWPC from Manila and RTWPB-IX were tapped as lecturers during the Seminar Workshop.

Public Consultation Region Wide 2015

Jolo, Sulu

 Lamitan, Basilan

Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Lanao del Sur



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