ON WAGES:

It’s been almost a year already since the current Wage Order No. ARMM-16 which pegged the minimum wage rate at P265/day for Non-Agriculture Sector and at P255/day for Agriculture Sector took effect last March 1, 2016. Considering that the ARMM Wage Board finds it necessary as to warrant an investigation, assessment or study the prevailing conditions in the five (5) component Provinces of ARMM and to include the sentiments of both the labor workers and employers sector, the Board took the initiative to conduct Public Consultation on the Minimum Wage Issue last December10, 2016, in Bongao Tawi-Tawi; and Jolo,  Sulu; on December 11, 2016 in Lamitan City, Basilan; on December 14, 2016 in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur and on December 29, 2016 in Cotabato City for Maguindanao. The pertinent facts, opinions, recommendations and data gathered are based on standards and criteria prescribed in Wage Fixing. The Board, after its deliberation and evaluation, will decide whether or not to issue a Wage Order. It was explained during the said activity that the public consultation is a vital process in wage fixing, since the said sectors will be affected once a new wage order is issued.
          The Board is set to hold Series of Board Meetings come January 2017 to study and determine the propriety of issuing a new wage order in March 2017 after the lapse of one-year ban of issuing a new Wage Order.

          On December 06, 2016, the ARMM Wage Board in coordination with Wage Board-XII, acted on the Application for Time and Motion Study filled by Excellent People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Service Provider) thru LAMSAN, Inc. to determine whether the production quota and output rates prescribed by the company for its workers who will perform inserting lining and folding of sacks are fair and reasonable output for a day’s work or normal working hours of eight (8) hours in a day. The workers, around six(6) of them, who are currently daily-paid workers of LAMSAN, Inc. under Bagging operations,  will be compensated on the number of pieces produced or by output, once a Production Order and Standard Piece-Rate Order will be issued by the Wage Board of the Region. The TMS which was eventually conducted on December 13, 2016 was spearheaded by Board Secretary VI Lilian Ruth C. Cabanban with the technical assistance provided by RTWPB-XII Board Secretary Jesse M. dela Cruz and their respective staffs. Once the study is completed DOLE-ARMM Regional Secretary and Board Chairman Muslimin A. Jakilan will issue the said Order.

Public Consultation Region Wide 2015

Jolo, Sulu

 Lamitan, Basilan

Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Lanao del Sur



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